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In but not of is a poor way to live....

Henry Nouwen writes that there is no such thing as "passivity" in the Bible. The people we read about in the Bible who must wait (and there are many)...

Want your heart to break? Think about this statistic from the authors of Unchristian. May God forgive us!

One-fifth of all outsiders, regardless of age, admitted they 'have had a bad experience in a church or with a Christian that gave them a negative image of Jesus Christ.' 

Here is a thought from NT Wright:

The idea of a vague general truth, to which all 'religions' bear some kind of oblique witness is foreign to Christianity.... Though of course it's true that many Christians and churches have been arrogant in the way they have presented the gospel, the whole setting of this passage {John 14:6 and Jesus' claim to be the exclusive way to the Father} shows that such arrogance is a denial of the very truth it's claiming to present. The truth, the life, through which we know and find the way, is Jesus himself: the Jesus who washed the disciples' feet and told them to copy his example, the Jesus who was on his way to give his life as the shepherd for the sheep. Was that arrogant? Was that self-serving? Only when the church recovers the nerve to follow Jesus in his own mission and vocation, I suspect, will it be able to recover its nerve fully in making the claim of verse 6. (John for Everyone, Part Two, p. 60)

In other words, maybe if we lived a little more like Jesus, we would have a little better footing when we shared his claims.

Where do problems come from? They come from that little part of human beings that says, “Dammit. No. That’s mine and I’m not sharing.” This attitude can be accurately called “sin,” “hate,” “current reality” or “just the way things are.”