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At the end, Jesus knew his time was coming near. The last few chapters of John are filled with goodbyes: goodbye to friends, a last meal…and a visit to a favorite spot.

Mark 6:45-52 tells the story of Jesus walking on water - and his followers being completely astonished. Jesus attributes their inability to more easily see God's power at work in everyday life to their "hard hearts." It takes a certain kind of softness and openness to recognize God's hand in daily life.

My boys are off to college and its me, my wife and my daughter at home. Where once three men dominated the vote, now it's two against one. Instead of 24, Fringe and The Bourne Identity, it's now Hachi, The Rainmaker (at least Matt Damon is still in the picture) and Downton Abbey.


And dang it, I like it. These are good flicks.

Henry Nouwen writes that there is no such thing as "passivity" in the Bible. The people we read about in the Bible who must wait (and there are many)...

People say that the curse of modern life is choice: we are stretched thin and have too many decisions to make, too much to do and too much information coming at us.