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Outside my back window I can see the old slide. Many good memories! And this weekend, it needed to be cleaned. Like cleaning a bathroom, it is a messy, intimate job: there is is no way to clean a toilet or a slide without getting your arms around it.

There are many reasons for being tired, some bad, some good. One of the best reasons - and I think one of the most common - is because you've worked. Work takes energy out of you and puts it into something else. It is a necessary transaction. God himself, after 6 days, rested. God himself made a time for work and a time for rest.


So, if you are tired, and you've done a good day's work, don't worry. You did what you were designed to do. There is such a thing as a "good tired."

NT Wright, again, has stirred my thinking. Writing in his Everyone series about the gospel of John, chapter 11, he nudges us to think a little more deeply about what the tears of Jesus might mean. If you remember the story, a good friend had just died (Lazarus), and now Jesus has just encountered the second of Lazarus’ two grieving sisters.

What does it mean to be “spiritual”? If it means “ethereal,” “not of this earth,” “disembodied,” etc., I’m not very interested. The kind of spiritual I’m interested in is everything but disconnected from reality, disconnected from action or “floaty.” What I need is something that powers my life, not an escape from life.