The Cross: 3 Ways to Look at It

To be honest, I’ve never really understood most of those “nothing but the Cross” hymns. But I buddy recently shared this thought with me:

Unless we understand our participation in the Cross, we can never share in Jesus’ life.
I’m still chewing on this one, but here are 3 things I think the Jesus’ death means for our lives.

His death secures our future. Not a future “off on a cloud” but a future in the New Heaven and the New Earth. Revelation ends not with a picture of human beings moving away "somewhere else" but God moving here! At last, life on Earth the way God intended it to be! And the ticket to this “heaven on earth”? Being recorded in the Lamb’s book of life!

Second, Jesus did not get to the Cross on his own. We/I put him there. Every human being has had a hand in building the guilt that Jesus took on himself. It is with great humility, therefore, that I should look on my neighbor, offer help, allow others to help, wait for change.

Finally, the Cross is a model for a way of life that leaves no room for triumphalism. The Cross is a model of patience and gentleness even in the face of great injustice, especially in the face of great injustice. In some circles, being “outraged” or proudly unbending seems to be the fashion, but such swagger fades in the shadow of the Cross.

Dean Storelli
I am currently reading _The Fault in Our Stars_. Many of the themes in this book remind me of Jesus' humble, world changing work on the Cross.
2/25/2014 9:11:33 AM

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