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To be honest, I’ve never really understood most of those “nothing but the Cross” hymns. But I buddy recently shared this thought with me:

Unless we understand our participation in the Cross, we can never share in Jesus’ life.
I’m still chewing on this one, but here are 3 things I think the Jesus’ death means for our lives.

Henry Nouwen writes that there is no such thing as "passivity" in the Bible. The people we read about in the Bible who must wait (and there are many)...

What is a believer’s contribution at the work place? I’d like to propose a triple bottom-line for the Kingdom...

Want your heart to break? Think about this statistic from the authors of Unchristian. May God forgive us!

One-fifth of all outsiders, regardless of age, admitted they 'have had a bad experience in a church or with a Christian that gave them a negative image of Jesus Christ.' 

25+ years after hearing it, I still find myself singing the lyrics of Larry Norman's "The Outlaw" and thinking about this haunting picture of Jesus, who was indeed an "outlaw," poet, politician, miracle worker and Son of God. Listen here on YouTube. Norman was not a perfect human being (who is) and neither is this song, but it is pretty close.