Letting God In

Mark 6:45-52 tells the story of Jesus walking on water - and his followers being completely astonished. Jesus attributes their inability to more easily see God's power at work in everyday life to their "hard hearts." It takes a certain kind of softness and openness to recognize God's hand in daily life.


My friend Daron has this kind of openness. He is in the middle of the long, painful process of recovering from knee surgery. Last night, while at dinner celebrating his 30th birthday, he met the quarterback of the Washington Redskins, who recently recovered from the same injury. Daron's reaction? "This whole trip has been about reflecting and sensing God with me...." Daron has a good, strong, soft heart that is learning to recognize - as we all need to keep learning - that the door between "normal life" and God's involvement is always open.

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