Lessons from Downtown Abbey

My boys are off to college and its me, my wife and my daughter at home. Where once three men dominated the vote, now it's two against one. Instead of 24, Fringe and The Bourne Identity, it's now Hachi, The Rainmaker (at least Matt Damon is still in the picture) and Downton Abbey.


And dang it, I like it. These are good flicks.


Downton Abby is quickly becoming a favorite. The characters I am most attracted to are the servants. I love the way they carry themselves. They work with dignity and pride, putting in very long days and are content to do so. Here are 4 lessons learned so far.

  • Honor is not confined to the powerful. The chauffeur (who, by the way, marries the Earl's daughter!) argues that he has never "bowed and scraped." He is right. He consistently carries himself with dignity.
  • Money and possession is a responsibility. Lord Grantham's life is not one of "ease" but of providing resources and opportunities to others. He gives to others the gift of work.
  • There is great dignity in work, whether that work is sewing a button, dusting a chandelier or opening a bottle of wine.

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