Jesus Visits a Garden

At the end, Jesus knew his time was coming near. The last few chapters of John are filled with goodbyes: goodbye to friends, a last meal…and a visit to a favorite spot.

Jesus’ visit to the Garden of Gethsemane is filled with meaning on many levels. This garden echoes
the Garden of Genesis and foreshadows the garden where he is raised again to life. But on a simpler level, it is one last goodbye to a favorite meeting spot. (John reports that this grader was one Jesus often brought them to.)

The echoes have deep meaning: Jesus is the “last Adam,” the one who undid the failure of the first Adam in the first garden. The foreshadowing is just as significant: Jesus brings new life and new hope by conquering death.

But the “simpler” story is also significant: the Son of the living God enjoyed the beauty of creation shaped and tended to by human beings. That is what a garden is: nature modified by people to capture and highlight nature’s beauty. God supplies the basic elements and we shape it into something new. Jesus choose to spend his last free hours in such a place.

On this Thanksgiving weekend – full of food and family and the hint of Christmas presents – I am thankful that our God smiles when we enjoy his creation, even those parts of creation that we have helped to shape.

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