Some people just know how to dance…

But for the rest of us, it takes some study and practice. You sign up for a class, you are told the moves, and you spend a lot of time counting 123, 123, 123….

For me, walking with God has been the same thing. There are moments when I'm living in rhythm with the Creator (truly walking through life with a sense of his presence), but there are also moments when I'm "counting the steps."

A great "dance" to start with (or learn again if your sense of God in the every day has gotten a little fuzzy) is what my friend John Robinson calls "praying through a Psalm." For him, it's become a life rhythm. (He just knows the dance.) When pressed, here's how he explains it.

  • Pick a Psalm.
  • Read through it once to get a sense of the whole. 
  • Go back to the beginning and read a verse or two. Pray in response to what you just read. Focus on your heart.
  • If you're doing this with a friend, he or she can pray a moment about the earlier verse. Then they read and pray in response to a verse or two of their own.
  • Continue back and forth. If you're doing this in the morning before work, don’t forget breakfast!

Suggested Psalms

25 - Getting God’s intimate counsel for your life
27 - David expressing fearless trust in God
34 - Good for hard times
37 - The contrast between the godly and the wicked

John blogs regularly here.

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