Just One Pearl?

I grew up watching the old James Bond movies (Live and Let Die, Goldfinger, etc.). These are not great movies to learn about healthy interaction between men and women, but they do highlight one Kingdom value extremely well: the danger of an uncontrolled pursuit of power. Unfortunately, when I look at villains like Dr. No (“World domination. The same old dream...”), I have to admit I see a little bit of myself.
These thoughts were stirred this morning by Matthew 13:45-46 and Jesus’ parable of “one pearl of great value.” While I’d like to think that I am pursuing being “faithful” and being “fruitful,” sometimes, especially when results aren't quite what I’d like them to be, I discover that there is also a level of dissatisfaction: “What? Just one pearl?” Some other motivation has slipped into the mix, and I find want more of something, something beyond faithfulness. While I think motivation and a willingness to work are, in general, good things, when I find myself dissatisfied for too long, it is a good opportunity to examine my motives and repent, once again, of my pride and willingness to pursue results at any cost. Even James Bond understood the futility such a pursuit.

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