It’s a Party!

I grew up in a big, Italian family. Thanksgiving dinners, even when it was “just the family,” meant 30+ people. As you can imagine, that many people means a lot of prep work: buying and cooking the food – over several days and in multiple kitchens, gathering plates, moving furniture, sweeping the floors, settling the schedule (do we eat before or after “the game”?) and my favorite, getting the ice.

To me, a bag of ice means you are going to have a party. So, being asked to help set up the coolers – buying 5-10 bags of ice, pulling out all the coolers, crushing the ice, layering in the drinks and then hauling everything to where it needs to go – means you are being asked to prepare for a very good time!
These are the images I bring to Hebrews chapters 3, when the new leadership – Jesus, stepping into the role Moses once played – is being described. Moses was a great leader, but his sense of duty grew out of an appointed role. He was charged with leading God’s people, and it was a service he performed faithfully.
But with Jesus, God reveals a deeper intention: family. Jesus leads God’s people faithfully not as a servant but as a son. It is the same work but from a different position and for different reasons. He does both the “up-front” work and the “dirty” work that all leadership requires not because it is his job but because he is the oldest brother. It is the intimacy of a good, healthy family that God has in mind, and it is a wedding feast beyond what even an Italian family could pull off that we are heading to. Jesus and we – as Jesus’ followers – serve as sons and daughters as we prepare now for that coming day. It will indeed be a party to remember!

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