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I recently heard someone tell the story of how their life got turned around for God through a "chance" encounter. Sitting in a waiting room, the speaker was recognized by an old acquaintance. They said a quick hello and then, just as they were about to part, the guy handed him a little brochure/track that talked about Jesus. The speaker stuck it in his pocket, read it later and said the short prayer on the back. It changed his life.

What made this possible? 

Tolkien truly loved nature and was suspicious throughout his life of machines. Although I am not aware if he ever communicated what standards he used to judge whether a particular "advancement" was a thing of Mordor or instead, worthy of the Elves, I think things like beauty, simplicity and "does no harm" would be high on his list.

It shouldn't surprised me any more, but it still does. Every time I plunge into some passage of the Bible that isn't making sense to me, I get nervous, especially when it is some well know passage that gets quoted often. But when I do, wow! What treasure! Here are two I've dug into recently.

Today, I'm doing a little reflecting: what will I do in the year to come?