Check Your Story, Pt 2

I have often told the story of my own faith journey something like this:

Once on vacation, a tennis instructor invited me to his house for a "Bible study." I figured, "I've done stupider things," and decided to go. It was the first time the story of Christ ever made sense. What I saw was that God did not want to hammer me for what I was doing wrong, but that he wanted to help me do what is right. He wanted to forgive me and give me a second chance. 

It's good story, right? But it is misleading.


What I have learned about stories, especially stories from our own past, is that they tend to get filtered based on later perspectives. If we are not careful, this "filtering" can take out the best parts, the parts that give stories fuller depth and better application.


My own story, told as above, does not mention that I had known this tennis instructor, Jim, for years, that as a 16-year-old and the only driver in out little summer gang, that he had trusted me to drive his kids on mountain roads on our way to the movies, amusement parks and long hikes. It misses that Jim was a talkative, salt-of-the earth "man's man" who could crush a tennis serve, hit a drop shot that made opponents cry and was the Florida arm wrestling champion. (I once watched him wrestle - and defeat - the Minnesota champion, arm wrestling this huge man across the table next to the cash register in the pro shop.)


My old story is not wrong, it is just a little thin. How about yours?

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