What Did Jesus Do on the Cross?

With Jesus, “and” is almost better than “or.” He spoke the truth and spoke gently to the guilty. He rebuked the Pharisees and quietly explained things to them.

So, what did Jesus do on the cross? He died for the sins of all and he comforted one, scared, dying criminal. He opened a new way for humanity to approach God and he made sure his mother would be taken care of – food, clothing, shelter, protection. Jesus was not one dimensional, not even 2 or 3 dimensional. He cared, spoke and acted in all spheres of life.

Today, I will read the Bible and pray, and I will also edit a PowerPoint file for a student who must present it tomorrow. I will talk (hopefully) with the people in my house about God, and I will also fix a broken cabinet door in our kitchen. (I am sure that you will have a similar mix.)

I have been living in this mix for many years. What is different is that I am growing more and more confident that this is exactly what God wants from me.

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